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"The Albany Police Athletic League (PAL), Inc. builds partnerships among youth, police and the community through collaborative programs designed to encourage and develop good citizenship and improve the quality of  life in Albany, New York."

The Albany Police Athletic League (PAL), Inc. is a juvenile crime prevention program that brings kids and cops together in non-law enforcement settings. PAL accomplishes its goals by providing numerous educational, recreational, and athletic programs to more than 4,000 Albany youth each year. PAL seeks to provide a safe haven for the youth of Albany in their after school hours. PAL kids are offered mentoring and understanding through the help of Albany Police Officers, PAL Staff, Community Volunteers, and Interns. PAL is dedicated to providing kids, especially the most underserved, with the support and skills they will need to journey towards a brighter future. The kids need our help.


Did you know?

  • A statewide study released by Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, proves that on school days, the prime time for youth crime in New York State and Albany is from 3 to 6 PM. This is also the peak time for kids to become victims of violence.
  • Children who do not take part in after school programs are more likely to commit crimes, take drugs, and have sex than children who have adult supervision when school lets out.
  • Quality after school programs can help reduce youth crime and violence, reduce drug use, cut risky behavior like smoking and alcohol abuse, reduce teen sex and teen pregnancies and boost school success and the likelihood of high school graduation.